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Moises A. Medina

Founding Attorney

After studying criminal justice at the University of North Texas, Moises A. Medina went on to receive his Juris Doctorate from Hamline University School of Law. There, he was an involved member of the student body, serving as an associate editor for Law Review and vice president of Latino Law Student Association. Moises began his career as a law clerk before moving on to become an associate attorney specializing in immigration, personal injury, and criminal defense. Upon establishing The Law Office of Moises A. Medina, PLLC he has helped many overcome hardships of American citizenship. His desire is to be a voice for those who often go unheard and work with them as an advocate in creating the lifestyle they deserve.

More About Me

Dallas, TX immigration, personal injury, and criminal law attorney

Understanding what matters most

We understand how immigration laws can be confusing and we know how to sift through all the jargon. We know just how difficult the citizenship process can be and how terrifying it is to be in a car accident or charged with a crime without legal status.

With us in your corner, you have a law firm that understands your situation — especially when it comes to why you may not be a citizen yet. Allow us to help you overcome the odds and live your life in peace.

Passionate advocate for justice

We believe in fighting for what’s fair. When family is involved, issues like deportation and bringing over other loved ones can sometimes feel anything but fair. We know there’s nothing more important than the security that comes with family being together. That’s why we do whatever it takes when you need justice on your side.

Practice Areas

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Immigration Law

Ready to discover your options in becoming an American citizen? We can help you find answers and get the status you want.

T-Bone car accident

Personal Injury

Were you hurt in a car accident or other incident? We can fight to make sure you’re fairly compensated at the price point you deserve.

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Criminal Law

Are you facing a criminal charge and fearful of what to do next? We can give you back your peace of mind.

How My Clients Feel

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Struggling against the system?

Rely on an experienced attorney.

Unique Skills designed to help

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Hablo Español

Si no hablas inglés, está bien. Hablamos español con fluidez y estamos ansiosos por ayudarlo. Estamos aquí para trabajar con usted.

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Able to travel

We understand some circumstances may prevent you from getting to our office. If you’re being held in deportation custody or are in jail, we can come to you.

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Schedule a consultation

You’ll probably have a few questions before we get the ball rolling. Give us a call today so we can discover the best route to take for your case.

Past Results

Honest. Trustworthy. Reliable.

Like many of my clients, I came here as an immigrant. Now, my passion is helping those who are struggling to help themselves.

Finding an attorney with great skills is one thing. Working with one who completely relates to you is an entirely different ball game. Moises A. Medina is ideal for your case because he’s walked in your shoes. Born in Villaldama, Nuevo León, Mexico, Moises came to America as a child with his family. Like most immigrants, his parents wanted to raise Moises and his brothers in a country that offered the best possible outcome for their future.

Moises is a living testament to the fact that the American Dream is within your reach. Group his background with his education and experience and it’s easy to conclude that Moises is the man you want fighting for you. He will take fearless action to help you attain a favorable outcome. Be it with immigration law, criminal defense, or a personal injury, we’re prepared to win. With an authentic approach rooted in ethical standards you can rely on, we stand on the side of what’s right. Schedule a time to talk with us today.