Reunite with family

Recently, I was hired by a family desperate for help. Their family member had been arrested by ICE for several past charges including drug possession, arson, burglary, assault, and DWI. Other attorneys the family consulted with told them that their loved one's deportation was inevitable and that it would be easier if their family member just accepted a deportation order.

I fought hard for several months, won his cancellation of removal case, and reunited him with his family.

Get released from immigration custody

One of my clients was in immigration custody after being convicted of a serious drug crime. When his wife came to me, she was devastated as other attorneys said there was nothing they could do.

After close analysis, I was able to come up with a strong defense strategy that ultimately won the case and got the client released.

Personal Injury

Receive the financial compensation you deserve

One of my clients was injured when a driver who was texting at the time t-boned her at a speed of 45-miles-per-hour. The at-fault driver promised to repair my client's vehicle and convinced her not to call the police. Several days after the accident, she started feeling intense pain in her shoulder, neck, and back. After going to the emergency room, she learned she had a torn rotator cuff along with neck and back injuries. When my client reached out to the driver about her car repairs and injuries, her calls went completely ignored. My client came to me in a state of panic. She didn't have a car, was still in a lot of pain and could not afford additional treatment. I was able to locate the other driver who denied any wrongdoing and even blamed my client for the accident. The driver's insurance company also denied our claim because there was not a police report or witnesses to the accident.

I quickly filed a lawsuit against the driver and secured incriminating testimony at his deposition which forced his insurance company to pay my client a significant settlement.


Secure your status

A young mother came to me after she was arrested for theft at a local grocery store. She was in the process of adjusting her status and a theft conviction would have resulted in very serious consequences for her immigration status.

Upon challenging the evidence and discrediting a biased witness, I was able to get the case dismissed. The client was able to successfully adjust her status without any problems.